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Title:Sacred Geometry

Author: Sky Samuelle

Pairing: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Anna/Jeremy

Rating: M

Summary:Mystic Falls will never be the same again after Founders’ Day: not with Katherine and Jeremy allying to resurrect Anna and Pearl,Stefan and Elena on the receiving end of Katherine’s sick games, or Bonnie&Damon stuck at the epicenter of everything.

Fanmix: http://m.8tracks.com/queenofcups/sacred-geometry-a-soundtrack


She comes awake with lightening pouring through her heart, electricity running all along her skin, burning, crawling, branding. It feels like coming alive at once, like walking straight out of a dream and into the real world.

It feels … like being born. Again?

At first she doesn't remember. Her mind is a blank, candid space – a peaceful space that registers only the way the rustling wind is so loud in her ears (like a scream, like storm is brewing).

Then there's the memory of fire, ugly, frightening, demeaning. The ghost of the awareness that she was ending and it was the wrong time, because she still wanted so much… her mother, Jeremy, a life with them in this modern time … but Mother was already gone, was not? All those things she wanted were all already gone from her grasp, and this time there was no second chance to get anything and anyone back.

The memory of those thoughts sparks a lucid, new awareness.

I am Anna. Annabelle Payne, daughter of Pearl. I am a vampire from the Original Line. I was burned. How I am not… gone?

Her eyes wander in the space around and above – nothing she recognizes, but oh, her skin still burns, and her squeezes like it should be beating, except she is dead, undead, and her heart has been still in her chest for so many years already.

I am in pain. I lack… something.


She turns abruptly toward the direction the voice came from.

She knows the pale angular face that reaches fast her sight, but the familiarity she feels with the tall, muscular body that soon envelopes her is only distant. An unwelcome thing.

Still, when lost, overly eager blue eyes meet hers, it gives her a bit of comfort.

" Ben? "

It should be his name.

Her childe (because this she feels with certainty born from her blood calling to his blood and her scent under his scent, he is hers, made from her, although not with love or lust or anything but the sheer necessity of a moment) smiles wide and confident and bright.

Just like a puppy his master just bothered petting.

"How am I alive?"

He asks like she should have the answer and, naturally, since he died way before her, if her fractured memory is any good, it is likely he is assuming *she* is to blame for his presence here. Anywhere *here* is.

But she is not. Right?

It's strange to take anything as certain , given how off-kilter she feels.

"You know where we are?"

She demands, schooling her expression into hard, determined indifference.

Never let a newbie suspect they might be in control or at advantage.

It reassures her, that at least some lessons she learned are still there at her fingertips.

Ben nods promptly, beams like he expects a cookie for a correct answer, like it is a test he has already passed with flying colors.

"Right behind the family crypts of the founders. Mystic Falls cemetery. I just… sprouted from the ground like a vegetable. Fuckin' cool."

"Wonderful." She smiles, keeping it bland and not committal, rubbing her wrists because it burns, the way it would if something moved beneath her skin and fought to get out .

He notices. His eyes follow the movement with a spark of interest she dislikes. "You feel it, too?"




The moment she hears her name spoken, this time, the recognition is immediate, and everything else fades because nothing else matters.


Arms, beloved arms this time, a scent of water-lilies she grew up with, envelop her in a blur.

"How is this possible?" she asks, without really caring about the answer, because it is a downright miracle, to have this reunion a second time.

"You didn't-"

"No, I … I was put down right after you were -"

"Wait… what?" Ben echoes her, stepping closer, confusion clear in his voice as in his visage.

A slightly taller black boy, comes to stand between him and the two women, halting his progress without a word.

Anna recognizes him as her mother's childe, Harper.

Okay, things are just getting stranger here.

And her skin keeps hitching. Her muscles feel sore too, and slightly twitchy. Her feet ache to just move, and move again.

After-effect of being … back?

"Anna? Who is this boy?"

"I sired him when I was still trying to get you out from the Tomb. He died before you could meet him."

Mother and daughter just look at each other for a long, heavy moment, tacitly conveying their understanding of whatever little facts they had on their situation.

Four dead vampires brought back to life on the same night, all of them of the same bloodline.

An icy, eerie sort of calm seems to settle over Pearl as she separates herself from her daughter and places herself between her and the two other, younger vampires. Taking implicitly the command with a natural ease that makes Anna feel instantly better – this is the mother she knows, the mother she is proud of, the mother that never let her down.

"Then we are looking for a necromancer, and we are likely to be under his or her control. We were all dead before tonight, and we are from the same blood. Only blood magic could have brought us back … it is unlikely for anyone to be able to gain access to the one who sired me without his consent, and it's even less likely for anyone to have gained his blood without his command. If we are fortunate, it is by his will that we are here now. "

Yet Mother, it's one thing for your sire to want me and you back in pocket, but Harper and Ben?

The doubt that rises now in her had to be rising in her mother as she pronounced those words, Anna is sure of it.

Niklaus Mikaelson sees himself as an emperor and an entrepreneur at the same time. The vampire mob that controls New Orleans and the cities around is all his. He might maybe think the time he once wasted having Pearl trained by his brother Elijah is worth a resurrection … and Anna is good at controlling animals and possessing them at distance too, a rare ability within the line. They are both old blood. Pearl was Elijah's lover too, at some point, although it was no grand romance and Anna was kept mostly not privy at most of that affair.

Harper was just Pearl's underling, and he was entombed before Pearl had the chance to present him officially to the Original family. No reason the brother should even know about him, since Anna has not mentioned him to them in the long years after.

Ben… it is not even a question mark, at this point. Nobody would intentionally resurrect a newbie.

The Originals aren't sloppy or prone to leave anything to chance. Especially when it comes to the witches they employed. This situation looks less and less like something they might be behind.

And her mother has to know it too, because she adds:

"But in case we are not fortunate, let's be on our toes. Trust your senses : what do they say?"

"Anna and I feel scratchy" Ben replies right away, and for all that Anna wants to snap and put him back into his place, she has to admit he is right.

"It feels warm and itchy since I … came about."

Sprouting from the hearth like a vegetable, Ben called it, but it did not feel like it to her. More like… popping in from nothingness, growing solid at such a fast pace that everything shook, from yes, the hearth. Hearth that pushed her out like it didn't want her. Like she didn't belong to it.

"I might agree with that." Harper joins in.

"I wouldn't exactly disagree, either." Pearl admits, pressing her lips together like she does when she looking inward, reaching for the prescience she shares with Elijah.

"It is the magic, is not? It must be. It is … calling to us?"

Anna does not feel any good about it, no matter how happy she is to be alive and with her mother again. She wants back the control of her body, thanks much.

"It binds us to the spell-caster, most likely." Pearl reflects.

"Let's kill him."

Ben jumps right at it, once more outing himself as someone who will need a very short leash to work as minion.



Suddenly she can't say a word. Jeremy is here, coming toward her, smelling like her … like a childe, like a lover, like he is hers, properly, now. He took the vial. He killed himself to become like her. He chose her, a lifetime, a century, one year or one day, whatever it can come, with her.

It was what she hoped, what she wanted so badly before, before she … died or whatever, and now she has it. Has him. Him and her mother and she is as alive as she will ever be and everything is possible , once more.

Happiness is a shiver that takes over completely. She clutches at him before she can realize what she is doing. He moves the hair away from her face prudently, almost reverently, and it's the gravity in his eyes that tells her, more than a thousand words or reasons or even his presence there.

*Jeremy* accomplished this. He saved her, reunited her with her mother, opened that closed door on all their futures. He did this because he loves her.