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Sacred Geometry: Chapter 18

Title: Sacred Geometry

Author: Sky Samuelle

Pairing: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Anna/Jeremy

Rating: M

Summary: Mystic Falls will never be the same again after Founders’ Day: not with Katherine and Jeremy allying to resurrect Anna and Pearl,Stefan and Elena on the receiving end of Katherine’s sick games, or Bonnie&Damon stuck at the epicenter of everything.


Two weeks later.

It’s 3.00 AM when they begin.

They meet at the back of a cemetery at the outskirts of the town – hallowed ground, touched by Death, strongly connected to Mystic Falls’ ancestors. Jeremy comes by gratingly late, sliding out of the shadows while Damon and Bonnie are sniping at each other about where exactly drawing the circle. Tiny Freya, that has been utterly inseparable from her mistress side since their first meeting, is quietly observing them both with huge, starry eyes from her comfy spot in Bonnie’s bag , her head pocking out and sneaking back in at regular intervals.

The younger vampire immediately slides a napkin with a streak of Katherine’s sire blood out of his pocket, body language so tense than he looks like might jump out of his skin at any moment, hooded eyes reflecting eagerness and antsy-ness and the usual hint of teenager aganst .

“Are we ready?”

He looks at Bonnie like the wrong answer might undo him, and Damon wants to push him out of principle.

Surely, I didn’t look quite so desperate when it was my turn , did I?

“We will be.”

Bonnie concedes blankly, drawing her ceremonial blade out of her bag, turning the white, lacy cloth on its other side, splaying it wide around the back of Jeremy’s lager hand before going in to cut the center of his palm.

Jeremy pushes up into the blade without a sound, watches with a bit too much interest while the blood trickles down until Bonnie shifts to dry it so the napkin is smeared with parallel twin chrisom streaks on each side.

Another masochist in the making, this one.

“Do I even want to know how you got that blood out of Katherine’s notice without raising suspicions?”

Admittedly, he had his own doubts that the boy could manage it, in the beginning . Even tonight, with the slight delay and all the nefarious considerations that could come out of it, he had been almost sure he and Bonnie would be forced to go for a plan B.

Jeremy’s voice, when he answers, is just a bit too coy for his liking.

“I used to have some interest in hacking and surveillance equipment. I set an hidden micro-camera in each room of house when she was out, then I simulated a panic attack and I convinced her that I didn’t trust her to have for real the vial she had claimed having unless I saw it. Obviously she would have not allowed me to see where she kept it hidden all on her own. ”

Bonnie’s face scrunches up in revulsion, because obviously she didn’t miss the creep factor in this equation, but she says nothing, just getting her little cat out of her bag and cradling her in her arms.

Freya sniffs at the air around Jeremy, neck stretching forward as her tail goes straight and waving like a dog’s.

Jeremy just stares back at the beast. “What is that?”

“My familiar. I trained her to help.”

Bonnie sounds so proud of that, standing up a bit straighter, a bit brighter, despite the dire situation, that Damon just feels proud of himself in turn.
And he can read into Jeremy’s expression that the loser is going to say something to ruin that feeling, so he shuts him up before he can, by diverting attention elsewhere.

“Are you sure *she* didn’t pick on anything?”

Katherine, after all, had always trusted only Katherine.

“Sure as I can be. And I know nobody tailed me tonight.”

“Jeez, that’s reassuring.”

“Let’s just hurry up.” Bonnie interrupts what promised to be a quite promising pissing contest, with a wave of her hand and a stern glare aimed to both of them.

Damon tries to shrug the tension off as he follows her into night and among gravestones, Jeremy behind him, without much success. He is afraid for her if he allows himself to feel, to focus on what is going to happen . It has been so long since last time he had anything to lose, and this looks too much like one of those instances where it all seems like life will hand you something that is not a lemon, just to take it back at last second possible, the worst way possible.

And it looks too much like the night Bonnie lost Sheila too.

Karma is such a bitch.
It goes like this: Bonnie draws a circle spilling sea salt on the ground , just large enough for her to sit in, Freya trailing after her faithfully, then climbing her shoulder and settling there like a cute, attentive sentinel when the witch actually crosses her legs and sits.

He and Jeremy keep watch from distance as she chants her greetings to the Ancestors that keep the town, the nature spirits residing in the territory, the spirits that keep the doors between death and life, the ‘Lords of the Underworld’ and, finally, the Moirae that rule over everyone’s fates.
There’s a lot of listing honorific titles and spreading gratitude’s for whatever reason, and Damon has a terrible time at trying to stay still and relatively patient.

Respect is important for the spirits, Bonnie has explained to him more than once, but from where he is standing it seems a lot like the arse-kissing he had no talent for when he was alive. Not that he would say anything of the sort to his witch’ face, ever.

It irks him considerably that Jeremy, instead, is drinking up every word and every ritual gesture with rapt attention.

Offerings of food and drink and flowers of whatever symbolic meaning were left at the four corners of the cemetery, in correspondence to the four cardinal points – there’s a long and elegantly worded plea for the spirits to accept the gifts.

Still looks like a bribe to me. He thinks, looking around for anything suspicious or unusual. It’s all right and dandy for a witch to trust those so called ‘Powers’, but he personally hates to leave someone he cares about in their hands. Hands he can’t break if anything goes awry.

I am officially more useless than a fucking cat. I have never contemplated * the idea* I was going to see the day it happened.

There’s a certain cold, icy feeling in the air when the Ancestors of the town seemingly accept the gifts and lend their support to the ritual, like a cool, invisible cloak that closes in and covers everything, gives him a sort of hitching he can’t scratch out … Jeremy too feels the same if the way he twitches suddenly means anything at all.

But, for the rest, Damon notices nothing that might indicate things are going good or ill.

Bonnie keeps humming prayers, eyes drifting shut in concentration, face up to the sky. Freya is unnaturally still, curled around her witch ‘ neck, mewling it is like a cat’s version of weeping at certain points.
It’s creepy as the fuck, and he does not understand the logic behind any part of it. For all that is not the first time Damon witnessed a Ritual, he can’t remember ever feeling this way about it.

There’s a moment Bonnie places the Hand in her lap, forces the stained napkin between two wrinkly, yellow fingers, and places the artifact on the ground. She stares right ahead, right through Damon, and he feels it in his bones that this is not the girl he knows, the girl he fought and fucked and kissed and liked.

She is something more. And she is too, something ‘Other’ than him, something ‘Other’ than vampire or human or wolf. She is something that can, for perhaps just a moment, be filled with God. To carry through the threshold the essence of Things wilder and older than time, that might stretch her like a glove and then shatter her, throw her away like she is nothing, because for Them she might just be that.

Somewhere inside him he has always known, in theory, but oh, he never understood what it really, truly entailed. Never wanted to, probably, because the truth is terrifying … and it is the one thing he will be never able to protect her. She is *this*. A carrier of energies, of Powers far greater and harsher and crueler than her tiny, breakable body.

Like her being mortal was not enough of a concern in a town like this one.
It strikes him then, the depth of the courage and the faith and the trust and the sheer dedication it takes for her to give herself over so completely, but also the strength and the will and the confidence that will take to drive out and keep in check those very forces she invited inside herself.

He watches her speaking strings of Greek and Gaelic to the rising winds and he feels like he has already failed her before even beginning to prove his value as potential boyfriend to her. He is the key that opened the door to this moment, to this danger, maybe… but this girl was already doomed by her bloodline, by her very nature … to make something of her life that is going to be way more dangerous and way more important, probably, that anything he ever thought of doing with his.

It frankly terrifies him.

He feels very strongly, at that precise moment, that to stand in the way would be to lose her, and that to try protecting her without stifling her will be the hardest thing he has ever attempted in a century, considering both his nature and hers.

Caring about you, Bonnie Bennett, is going to be the trip of a lifetime. Because I *am* going to have your back, whether you send me on my way or not.

She raises her thin arms up, and her body clenches and releases in turns like she is a gun ready to fire … and she is that, too, he understands, as suddenly, with a brutal stab of a perfect clarity, he becomes aware of who and what she is going to become, someday, whether he is there to see it or not: a weapon and a martyr, somebody’s hero and somebody else ‘ curse and danger.

There’s lights blooming somewhere at his left, Jeremy grunting something Damon does not care to register … his eyes and attention are, right now and here, only for *her*.

This witch that shifted his perception of the world in the blink of an eye, this girl whose hands are moving in the air drawing shapes he doesn’t know the first thing about, but that are changing some version of reality anyway, somehow. He doesn’t care about the specifics in the slightest because he knows exactly what is happening.

Here and now, Damon Salvatore is seeing Bonnie Bennett.

And he is falling in love.

Author Note - So I reread this... and I fell in love all over again. How badass was this Bonnie that exhisted in my head ages ago? And how awesomely tragic this Damon? And this Elena so sweet and fragile and different from what her Canonic counterpart developed into... and the Bonnie/Elena friendship made of win, and the epic-ness of Bamon rising as a total power couple. I will give it my best shot to give this story a worthy conclusion. It deserves finishing even if... ah, the nostalgia!